If you're new to Stellar or just need a refresher, you may want to check out some of the following resources in advance of the hackathon: 



Intro to Stellar — Basic, high-level explanations to help orient you.

Stellar Documentation — Detailed explanations and tutorials to show you how to create an account, issues assets, build apps on Stellar, and more.

Horizon API Reference — A complete guide to the Horizon API, which is what you will most likely use to submit transactions and query network data. 

Awesome Stellar — A curated list of Stellar applications, blog posts, educational resources, tools, and more.



Stellar Laboratory — An interface that allows you to build, sign, and submit transactions and to make requests to any of the Horizon endpoints.

Stellar Expert — A block explorer and analytics platform for Stellar Network that allows you to find information about accounts, transactions, and assets.

Stellar SDKs — You can build on Stellar in your programming language of choice.  Check out this list for links to all the Stellar SDKs, each of which has its own robust set of docs.

Create Stellar Token (JS) — A script that allows you to quickly create a Stellar token on testnet.

Create Stellar Token + Orderbook (Python) — A script that allows you to quickly create a Stellar token and a market for your token on testnet.


The Stellar Community Fund

Stellar Community Fund — If you want to continue to develop your project when the hackathon is over, consider entering the Stellar Community Fund, which gives people all over the world a chance to kickstart their Stellar-based projects and connect to the thriving Stellar community. You can road test ideas, get real feedback from developers and potential users, and win funding to allow you to pursue your vision. It's a rare opportunity to win rewards — no strings attached — for dreaming big. Find more info here.

For any questions or concerns, reach out to us on the #hackathon channel on our Keybase!